Best Places To Snorkel In The Keys

A fun and enjoyable experience in the keys is snorkeling. I recommend trying this if you have never gotten to do it before. Being able to snorkel underwater is an exciting adventure. It allows you to see an underwater world of interesting creatures and life that is not visible above the water.

Florida is a well-known place to go for a snorkeling adventure. It is important to learn the best places to go to get the most of out the snorkeling experience.

The Florida Keys are known for its underwater creativity of life and unique snorkeling adventures.

Where to Snorkel In The Keys

The Florida Keys have an abundance of ocean water, which would seem like a good place to start when deciding to snorkel. It is a good idea to figure out the safest places to go snorkeling without running into any complications or issues.

The Florida Keys sounds like it would be a great area to begin exploring and underwater journey. The best place to consider is what is known as the Middle Keys.

The Middle Keys is also known as Big Pine, Matecumbe, and Vaca Keys. These keys are in the middle of the other popular Keys and that is why it got its name, Middle Keys. There is less boat traffic along these keys which makes it safer to snorkel.

The views of the Middle Keys are stunning and is a whole new world to see. In the Middle Keys, snorkeling can be done off of the beach or from a boat further out in the waters. The boat tours allow snorkelers to have access to the reefs.

The Marathon is another place in the Middle Keys that is a good place to snorkel. This can also be done by boat or from the beach. Two of the most exhilarating places to snorkel in Marathon is called the Sombrero Beach and Coffins Patch.

For beginners, a great place to learn how to snorkel and practice is at Sombrero Beach. There is a lot of sand and sloping to make practice easier to learn. It can be found at the mile marker 50 location.

Places to Stay In The keys

There are numerous places to stay when traveling to the Middle Keys. The Marathon has a variety of hotels and resorts that are good choices to spend the night. Hyatt Place in Marathon has many accommodations for visitors to take advantage of.

It is close to all of the main attractions of the Middle Keys. It is close to many of the locations that are a great choice for snorkeling. The Courtyard is another recommended place to stay in Marathon.

It is equipped with activities to enjoy and is also near all of the fun attractions. I recommend these two accommodations because of the location and the view. The view is breathtaking and there are a variety of sights to see from these locations.

There are other nice places to stay that are close to these two locations. This area is a prime location because of the restaurants and entertainment that is close by. Marathon in the Middle Keys is a unique area to visit and spend time seeing the town.

It is filled with interesting entertainment and a variety of shops explore.

How to get there

The Hyatt Place is easy to find when you arrive in Marathon. It is located on the gulf side of the Overseas Highway. The Faro Blanco Lighthouse is near the Hyatt Place. The Seven Mile Bridge is also close to Hyatt Place.

This is another location that people go to when they want to snorkel. Alternative transportation is available to and from the hotel. There are car rentals, and buses that can take you to and from your destinations for convenience.

The Courtyard is simple to get to when arriving in Marathon. It is located on Oceanside Highway. Both hotels are close together and are conveniently near the recommended snorkeling areas. The bus station and Hertz car rental company are close to the hotel for individuals use for transportation. Everything is accessible from both of these two locations.

Snorkeling Safety and Tips

Spending time relaxing in the water and snorkeling can be a great experience. It can also turn into an unsafe event if safety is not taken into consideration. There are several tips that should be considered when going into the water. These tips are for beginners and experts to consider when snorkeling.


  • Get educated about the area that you will be snorkeling in
  • Learn about the best snorkel gear
  • Understand the functions and operation of the equipment you choose
  • Learn how to handle and operate the gear properly before going into the water
  • Find out what needs to be done if an issue occurs with the equipment you’re using
  • Learn the dangers that may be lurking in the areas that you want to explore
  • Understand the type of water you will be in and what changes to look out for
  • Find out when the best and worst times to be in the water are
  • Learn how to relax in the water
  • Do not panic in the water because you will not remember the safety skills to help yourself

Learn About Snorkeling

  • Before jumping in the water, take lessons on how to snorkel
  • Practice relaxation techniques before and during the snorkeling process
  • Refresh yourself with the operations of the equipment
  • Understand the right equipment that you will need for your journey
  • Practice snorkeling skills to become more comfortable with snorkeling

Learn Surrounding of Ocean Snorkeling

  • Become knowledgeable of the water you are going to be snorkeling in
  • Learn how to tell if the current is changing and what actions you need to take
  • Become familiar with the ocean movement, such as tides, surges, and sets
  • Understand the surroundings that you are in at all times in order to maintain safety

Final Verdict

A snorkeling adventure can be a wonderful activity to do. The thrill and visual amusement that can be seen underwater is a spectacular experience to enjoy. It is important to go snorkeling in a safe location that will not become dangerous.

Safety is an important part of having a good time on any type of snorkeling adventure. The Middle Keys is a good place to go and spend time snorkeling. It has many wonderful benefits to offer for a positive snorkeling experience.

The places to stay are close by in the same location which allows snorkelers to easily navigate around the area. The Middle Keys can provide a memorable snorkeling experience for beginners and experts to enjoy.

I recommend this location because it has a variety of snorkeling options and accommodations to take advantage of.

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