Best Snorkeling In Cancun

A trip to Mexico will be incomplete if you don’t visit the Cancun city in the Quintana Roo area. The area is best known for its clear and warm waters and is home to abundant ocean life. It’s also the best place for you to experience snorkeling, especially if you love outdoor activities. Snorkeling in … Read more

How To Choose A Snorkel

Snorkels have come a long way since the days of the rubber black tube with a mouth piece. It is let you breathe while floating on the surface of water so that you can save some air of your scuba tank. Today’s snorkel offers a lot of exciting features like easy clearing purge valves, semi-dry … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Learning How To Snorkel Underwater

For the purpose of making fun, snorkeling is a very good idea. It makes you relaxed and refreshed as well. But getting a fine snorkel gear doesn’t mean everything is done. You will face a lot of silly problems which may turn your happy snorkeling day into a disgusting day. To secure a delightful snorkeling, you … Read more

Best Snorkeling In Honolulu

Who doesn’t love to visit Hawaii? I aim to visit Honolulu once a year at least, and even if you don’t visit that often, you sure should have it in your itinerary soon. You might want to plan a family vacation or just head off to there yourself when you get the chance – everybody … Read more