The Ultimate Guide To Learning How To Snorkel Underwater

For the purpose of making fun, snorkeling is a very good idea. It makes you relaxed and refreshed as well. But getting a fine snorkel gear doesn’t mean everything is done.

You will face a lot of silly problems which may turn your happy snorkeling day into a disgusting day.

To secure a delightful snorkeling, you need to know how to snorkel.

If you are seeking some help for your first time snorkeling, this post can help you. If you haven’t yet purchased a snorkel gear, here I have written a best snorkel gear review for you.

I guess already you have bought one. Now let’s see how to snorkel properly. You can watch the video first –

Most of the time beginners having problem with the equipment. You may find mask’s not fitting snugly, leaking water, entering salty water into breathing tube, fins are loosening or too much tight.

It’s getting worse when you don’t have the least knowledge about using these types of equipment.

Surely, you get irritated and then wants to know how to snorkel with these devices. That’s why at first I am going to start with snorkeling instruments.

A Step by Step Guideline for Using Snorkel Gear

Mask –

Foremost priority of snorkeling mask is snug fit. A good silicon skirt edge can make a perfect fit around your face. So, whenever you buy, be sure it is silicon skirt edge mask and matched with your face size.

Now, follow these steps:-

  • Put the mask on your face
  • Adjust the straps. It shouldn’t be much tight or loose.
  • Drown your face into the water .

Is it sealed properly? Can you see everything clearly? If yes, you are done with the mask. If not, there must be some issues. Check Common snorkeling problem solutions.

Snorkel –

Using snorkel is much easier than mask. Traditionally snorkel placed on the left side of the face.

Now follow these steps:-

  • Gently bite the mouthpiece. Hard bite for a long time will cause jaw
  • fatigue. Be sure your lips sealed around properly.
  • If there is any clip or strap on snorkel to bind snorkel and mask together, use it.
  • Lay flat on your stomach in the water surface.
  • Exhale and inhale through the tube normally. Be careful about not to swallow water through the mouth.
  • After then, do a little more practice to assuring your comfort.

If you follow those steps correctly, your snorkel will work fine.

Fin –

Presently, two types of fin are available. They are full foot fin and open heel fin. Each of them has different ways to use. Let’s see how to wear snorkeling fins :-

Full foot fins –

  • Carefully buy according to your foot size. Keep in mind, full foot fin doesn’t provide adjustable strap.
  • If there is any plastic material inside fins, remove it.
  • Insert your foot and examine if it’s tight or loose.

Open heel fins –

  • If there is any plastic material inside fins, remove it.
  • Wear booties, neoprene socks if you want. You can wear open heel fins with barefoot as well.
  • Adjust the strap until you feel comfortable.

Now you know the way of wearing snorkeling fins. Let’s learn how to swim with fins:-

  • Stretch your leg as much as you can.
  • Kick downward slowly and at a steady rate into the water. It saves your energy.
  • Try not to rise your fin above water.
  • Adjust your movement with wave.

Common snorkeling problems & solutions

How to snorkel with mustache and beard

For male, if you have beard or mustache, you need to shave it. It causes leaking water into mask.

If you insisted on keeping your beard or mustache, here is some alternative approaches that can help you.

  • Try full face snorkel mask.
  • Use mustache sealer.
  • Trim your beard and mustache. It may allow less water leak.

How to defog mask

Fogging into the mask is a common problem both for beginners and professionals. It makes so much trouble that you can’t even see a thing through the mask lens.

Tension not, there are various useful ways to defogging mask. It is easy and cheap too. Here are some suggestions:-

  • Take some toothpaste. Rub it lightly into mask lens and then wash it in clean water. Instead of toothpaste you can use your spit. Sounds funny but works fine. Do it every time before you do snorkeling.
  • Use mask defogger.
  • Take a baby shampoo and mix it with water. Then spray it into mask lens. After then wash it.
  • Simply rinse the mask before and after the use.
  • Don’t touch the lens after rinsed it.
  • Try not to breathe through the nose.


If you have bad eyesight, it is wise to choose a mask that allows you to insert glasses or have this facility by default.

I find SealBuddy suitable for inserting glasses. Wearing contact lens is another alternate way. But you may have trouble if your face get wet.

So, prescription masks is the best suggestion for you.

How to clear flooded snorkel

During snorkeling, it may happen that high waves fall upon you or you let your head down too much deeper.

As a result, snorkel tube will get flooded. Entered water blocks the airway and disturbs breathing. Follow these steps to blow out the water from snorkel tube:-

  • Slowly gather some strength in your lungs.
  • Let your snorkel top under the water.
  • Float again and make a sharp exhale.

Nowadays, many snorkel brand offers advanced technology to resolve this problem like purge valve, hydro-adhesion technology.

If you bother to blow out water manually, it is wiser for you to buy snorkel gear having purge valve.

How to dive into deep water with snorkel tube

After learning how to snorkel, you find it’s not enough to float on the water surface, dive into deep water bring more excitement and closer to fish and corals.

I recommend to do it after spending quite some times on the water surface. Follow these steps to deep diving:-

  • Take a deep breath through the tube.
  • Then dive.
  • If your snorkel is dry-top, tube won’t be flooded. After a while, float and keep breathing normally as you do during snorkeling time.
  • If it is not dry-top, tube will be flooded. Don’t panic! Just make a sharp exhale, water will blow out.

How to overcome the fear of water

Research says two-third of Americans are afraid of deep water and almost 37% of people don’t know how to swim.

So, if you have fear of water, accept it. Learn how to overcome this problem. Sometimes facing a problem is the best way to solve a problem.

Here I have some quick suggestion for you to defeat the fear of water:-

  • Don’t be panicked.
  • Don’t swallow water.
  • Be confident. Believe yourself.
  • Remember that naturally human body float in the water.
  • Do some practice in the shallow water to make yourself comfortable.
  • Once you learn to defeat the fear, try to find out how to float or wear a buoyancy vest.
  • If these tips don’t work, you can consult with a psychiatrist.

How to overcome claustrophobia

Snorkel mask contains small space. Moreover, you have to breathe through a tube. It can easily trigger claustrophobia.

So, it seems difficult to snorkel for those who have been suffering from claustrophobia. Don’t worry, a roomy mask and some practice can solve this problem.

If you are claustrophobic, I recommend four window mask for you. It provides more space and light so that you can feel easy.

Things To Know Before Snorkeling

Before you go to snorkeling, there are some facts to know. Considering these things will give you lot more advantages that you can’t imagine.

Safety measures for snorkeling

Snorkeling is fun, mind refreshing. But who can guarantee that accident won’t happen while accidents during snorkeling is a common affair.

Accident can be avoidable if you take proper safety measures. Follow these rules to be safe in the water:-

  • Stay close to people.
  • Check and recheck your equipment as it sounds good.
  • Learn properly how to snorkel, remember the drill.
  • Wear attractive and bright colors.
  • Before get into the water study your surroundings. Be sure that it is harmful sea life free zone.
  • Keep a whistle in your vest.
  • If you are planning for a long time snorkeling, learn to conserve your energy and stay hydrated.
  • A long time in water absorbs heat from your body. Wear wetsuit or simply be aware of it.
  • Under the water, orientation is a little bit confusing. Rise your head after a while to know your location.
  • When you resurface from deep water dive, raise your hand above the head. If you rise under a boat, your head will be saved.
  • Get up to date with latest weather report.

Best time and place for snorkeling

A sunny and calm day is the preferable time for snorkeling. At mid-day sun rises straightly above the head and this time water tends to be calm.

The place that full of coral reef and a wide variety of marine life is the best place for snorkeling. You can take help from locals to find the best spot.

Take necessary stuff

Bear in mind that on vacation, you are far away from home. So, don’t forget to take your essential things.

Now, we are at the end of the article. I hope, you have learned already how to snorkel. In this article, I gave my best advice.

If it helps you, I’ll be glad. Let me know how much you have benefitted from my post by leaving your valuable opinion below. It must encourage me to write more useful articles on snorkeling for you.

Thank you. Happy snorkeling….. 🙂

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