Best Water Shoes for Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a fun and great way to spend your weekend. To enjoy your weekend properly by doing snorkeling, you need snorkeling gears.

Water shoes are important because they will protect your toes. If you are a snorkeler, then you know what I’m talking about.

It is very risky to go snorkeling in the coral reef without any protection for your toes. In this post, We’ve reviewed the best water shoes for snorkeling. We’ve done hours of research to find the best one for you so that you can find a water shoe for your next snorkeling adventure.

Water Shoes for Snorkeling Reviews

#1 Barerun Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

This quick-dry water shoe will allow you to snorkel without any inconvenience. You can also use it for all types of water activities and sports. This shoe is made of polyester and the sole is made of rubber. 

If you wear this you will feel that you are wearing shoes, It will feel like wearing socks. It is very comfortable and flexible. It is very popular because of its fine made and cheap price. You can fold it and carry it in your backpack. Lots of colours, design and different sizes available to choose from.

If you wear this you will feel that you are wearing shoes, It will feel like wearing socks. It is very comfortable and flexible. It is very popular because of its fine made and cheap price. You can fold it and carry it in your backpack. Lots of colours, design and different sizes available to choose from.

#2 SEEKWAY Womens and Mens Water Shoes

This water shoe from Seekway manufacturer is also a nice and comfortable shoe for both men and women. This shoe’s upper is not made of 100% polyester, you will get 92% polyester.

They’ve used very high quality and comfortable fabric to make the upper. The upper is also very smooth and if you bend this and keep it in your backpack for a long time, it will come to its original shape.

The sole is non-slip resistance and made of high quality rubber material. Your feet will be safe from sharp objects, if you use this for snorkeling.

How to choose Water Shoes For Snorkeling

Choosing water shoes can be difficult sometimes. It’s true that different types of water shoes are made to serve you in different situations. If you are confused and don’t know which type of water shoes or features you need, we recommend reading this water shoes buying guide carefully. I’ve described briefly all features of water shoes and when you will need them.


First thing you should know is where you are going to snorkel and how you want to use it. Different snorkeling areas have different water conditions and marine life. If you want to do extreme level snorkeling, you will need more support from your water shoes and your shoes must be light-weight. Your water shoe also needs to be flexible so that you can walk and swim in the water without having any kind of problem.


You will see two types of shoes: with laces and without laces. Most snorkelers prefer lacing system water shoes because you can tighten your shoes as tight as you need. Lacing system shoes are more secure and will not wear off from your toe but the downside is, It takes time to get ready. On the other hand, water shoes without a lacing system are easy to wear and very comfortable. You need to know that, you need to buy new ones after a couple of snorkeling tours.


Traction is an important thing to check because It will make the difference between your excellent snorkeling trip and an uneventful snorkeling trip.

When you go underwater, your shoes must be well gripped. It will help you to balance yourself and you can walk safely in uneven areas or you will injure your toes. So, if you don’t want to fall on the coral areas and injure yourself, make sure that your water shoe’s traction is good and well gripped.


You see some water shoes have zippers or a pull tab at the heel. These features will allow you to put on your shoes quickly and you can go for snorkeling. These features are popular among the young snorkelers. So, If you want to put shoes on in less time you can look for these features.


This is a critical feature for water shoes because It will drain water from your shoes. Many companies are using their own technologies for better drainage systems. Some water shoes have holes to drain water and others have holes, which have tiny little holes. It doesn’t matter which type of drainage system you have, make sure water drains from your shoes quickly or your legs will be heavy and you will get tired of snorkeling.


After deciding which one you will buy, you need to make sure they are comfortable and fit you perfectly. You can try those shoes and walk a bit. You will know if they fit you perfectly and comfortable enough for snorkeling. There is a chance of blistering and chafing, as you will use these in wet conditions. An uncomfortable or unfitted pair of shoes will ruin your long snorkeling adventure.


Find water shoes which dry quickly and don’t have any problem to use in salty water, as you will be using in the sea. Don’t go for cotton shoes, since they absorb water and will keep your feet wet. You also get tired after some time. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are good for this matter. They dry quickly and keep your feet dry.

Temperature Control

If you are going to a place where water temperature is hot or very cold, then this feature can come in very handy. It will protect your feet and will keep your feet warm. In cold weather, It is easy to snorkel and also in the hot weather. 

Shock Absorption / Cushion

Make sure your shoes have enough padding to feel comfortable enough. If your feet don’t fit properly, It will come off and sometimes it is very dangerous if you are going to snorkel on rocky shores. So, you need to check carefully that your foot doesn’t move around.


Versatile means that you can use your shoes in different circumstances. Some shoes are not made to use in different circumstances. So, If you are not a professional, versatile shoes will be better for you. You can use them for different activities and also save some money.

Wrapping It All-Up

It is hard to find the best water shoes for snorkeling but not impossible. If you’ve read this buying guide carefully you will be able to find the best one for you. You can select snorkeling shoes from my list, as they are picked very carefully. I’be also added some shoes that will serve you in different purposes.

So, before you buy one, you need to know where you are going to snorkel and which type of sea surface will be there. And only after that, you can choose the best water shoes for your next snorkeling tour.

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