Best Trolling Motor for Canoe In 2023 – (Buying Guide and Reviews)

Let’s be honest, paddling is fun but after a couple of hours your muscles will run out of fuel, and you can’t go back to the land.

You can solve this problem by mounting a trolling motor on your canoe.

Using a trolling motor, you can make your canoe trip more fun and enjoyable.

You can go further in less time without any muscle pain. There are different types of trolling motor for different purposes and different water conditions. 

In this buying guide, we have reviewed nearly every type of trolling motor and discussed in which purpose you should use them. This guide will help you find the best trolling motor for canoe.

First Look

Best Overall:Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor at Amazon

“Best overall trolling motor.”

Best Budget: Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb at Amazon

“Best budget trolling motor.”

Best for Professional: Attwood X3-45FW-36 MotorGuide X3  at Amazon

“Best foot controlled trolling motor.”

Best Trolling Motors For Canoe

#1 Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

This Endura Transom Mount Trolling motor is from The well-known Minn Kota Manufacturer.

It’s a 12-volt trolling motor made for freshwater.

The shaft length of this motor is 36-inches with 55 level thrust.

For better control, you will get 5 forward speed and 3 reverse speed. For this, you can maximize the battery life. For its quest motor, you will be able to fish without any problem.

You will get a full 2 years of warranty and this makes it the best choice for a canoe. Considering all aspects and features, this is the best trolling motor for canoeing.

#2 Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb

This Newport Vessels NV-series 55lb is also a great trolling motor to use in saltwater. This ultra-quiet motor is very efficient and powerful.

For its cool and quiet motor, you can fish all-day-long without overheating problems.

Its shaft is made of fiberglass composite material.

For this high quality material it is hard and will not damage quickly. Its Battery life is good. You can go at the full speed of this motor for 1 hour and if you go at level 3 speed you can use it for a long time.

This trolling motor also comes with a 2 year warranty.  However, this motor is not 100% waterproof. Light rain will not be a problem for you but heavy rain can cause problems to your motor.

#3 Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb

This budget friendly Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb is also a great trolling motor.

 It is very easy to use and very quiet. That means, you can fish all day long without scaring away fishes.

Different speed settings will run your canoe trip more efficiently. Total 8 different settings you will get (5 forward speed and 3 backward speed settings).

Like the other trolling motors from the Newport vessels, you will get 2 years of warranty. If you are looking for a budget friendly trolling motor or if you have a small canoe, you can consider this one for your boat.

#4 Newport Vessels Kayak Series 36lb/55lb

Another great trolling motor from the same manufacturer Newport Vessels.

This Newport Vessels Kayak series 36lb/55lb is a short shaft trolling motor. It is a saltwater trolling motor.

So, if you are looking for a short shaft trolling motor, then this one’s for you.

Its 24 inches shaft is made of fiberglass. It will provide you lifetime performance. To go in the sea for fishing with your canoe, It will be perfect for you.

You will get 8 different speed settings and also 2-years warranty. If you get in trouble using this motor, you can just contact them and they will solve your problems.

#5 Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

This Go plus Electric Trolling Motor is also a great high-quality trolling motor.

You can use it in both saltwater and freshwater. 

That means, you can go fishing in both the sea and freshwater area. With its 6 inches handle you can easily control and maneuver your canoe. 

To control your ride with its 8 different speed settings (3 backward and 5 forward speed settings). You will be able to know how much battery power is used from its battery indicator.

They used  10 LED lights to indicate battery power, which is very helpful. You will know how long you will be able to use your trolling motor. It is also very strong-built and durable. High-quality material ensures its long time service life of this trolling motor.

They sell motors and batteries differently. So, you need to choose batteries when you buy this motor.

#6 Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

This trolling motor from the Minn Kota manufacturer is a comfortable and easy to use trolling motor.

I have to admit, I was surprised at the shaft design. Its shaft is made of very high-quality Minn Kota exclusive material.

It is made for lifetime use. It is not a good one, It’s the best. As they say, It is an indestructible shaft. 

Its five forward speed settings and three reverse speed settings will allow you to control your ride very efficiently.

It is a very stylish and good looking trolling motor. If you are looking for a best quality motor for your canoe, this one is the max for maximum.

#7 Attwood X3-45FW-36 MotorGuide X3

If you are looking for a foot controlled trolling motor for your next fishing trip, this Attwood X3-45FW-36 MotorGuide X3 trolling motor is for you.

It is a very strong built and can give you the power to move in the strong wind. 

This silent strong built trolling motor can give you the best service you want. You can go fishing without scaring fishes.

 The cable steer is very responsive and easy-to-use. Installation part is also very easy. By reading the manual that you will find with this motor, you can install it on your canoe. It is a 45-pound thrust trolling motor, which will provide you the power you will need in the strong wind.

Foot controlled trolling motors are a great choice for fisherman because they can use their both hands for fishing or can do other tasks, as they don’t need to operate with their hands.

Trolling Motor Features To Look Out For

Before you purchase a trolling motor for you, you need to consider some features. Basically, trolling motors come in different sizes and styles. It depends on your canoe which features you will need. Features of trolling motors are shortly discussed below.

Saltwater vs Freshwater

You can not use a trolling motor in both seawater and freshwater. Saltwater trolling motors and freshwater trolling motors are not the same. They are made differently.

If you use a freshwater trolling motor in the salt water, it will damage the motor or the blade. Same with the sea water motors in the freshwater motors.

The main difference between the two types of motors is that saltwater motors bottom is covered with an anode. It protects the blade and other parts from corrosion. On the other hand, there is no protection cover for freshwater trolling motors.

So, if you want to go canoeing in the saltwater and freshwater, you can buy a trolling motor which you can use in both saltwater and freshwater. It will save you some money, as you don’t need to buy two motors and you don’t need to change motors when you go canoeing.

Size Of Motor (Power)

This is an important fact to consider, before buying a trolling motor. It is the main part of the trolling motor. Usually, big size motors provide more power than the shorter ones. The faster you want to go the more power you will need.

If your canoe is a big family canoe, you will need a motor that can provide more power. If you have a solo canoe then you don’t need a big motor for your canoe. You can use an electric motor.

Modern electric motors are now popular for canoeing. A 12v electric motor is enough to power up your canoe. Electric more are also safe to use.


Heavy trolling motors are not suitable for canoeing. It will down one side of your canoe. If your canoe is down one side, It is very risky for canoeing. A little wave can cause accidents as your canoe stern is up. This is why It is always advisable to buy a lightweight canoe. It will fit perfectly and also easy to maintain.


Ease of control is very important to check. If you can not control your canoe or maneuver easily, It will be dangerous for you. For this reason, a well controlled trolling motor is always the priority.

You can control your trolling motor by your one hand or your foot. Some trolling motor you can control by a wireless device.

Usually, hand controlled motors are cheap and easy to use. You will need one hand to operate this type of motor. If you like to control by your hand, these types of motors are for you.

Foot Controlled motors, on the other hand, are controlled by your foot. For fishing, you can use your both hands. You can do more things, as your both hands are free. However, you will need some practice to get used to. This type of motor is basically used on big canoes. They are more expensive than hand controlled motors.

Wireless controlled motors are used for easy control. They are expensive and most of the time used on high-end canoes. You can control these wireless controlled motors with just a remote.


You need to check the blades of your motor because It powers your canoe to go forward. Some blades are stronger and have more blades than others on their propellers. More blades means, you can go faster through the water and you will be able to maneuver your canoe very easily. You can not navigate your canoe through grass and seaweed, if you use a weak blade. It will break into pieces and leave you in problem.

Speed Settings

Some trolling motors have the feature to set the speed. You can control how fast and slow you want to go. It helps a lot when you want to go fishing because you can go slow where you want to fish. You don’t want to go at high-speed where the fish are. You also save your battery power for later by going slow.

But some trolling motors don’t provide the feature to control speed. If you can not control speed, that means you will go at the same speed everywhere. If you want to go slow, you can not do that. You need to maintain a specific speed. For this reason, the motor’s  battery life will reduce. Just imagine, you are going through a beautiful place but you can not slow down your canoe. You need to stop your canoe for that matter.


Battery is one of the most important things to choose, as it will power your trolling motor. Basically It depends on your budget, how much space you have on your canoe and how much extra weight your canoe can handle.

If you know how much space and weight you have, It will help you to choose the battery for your canoe. Check how much available space you have and measure it carefully. Some canoes have dedicated space for batteries.

Voltage is an important thing to check before choosing a battery. For a canoe 12v is enough, if you do canoeing for a short time. A 24v battery will be a good choice for long time canoeing.

Shaft Length

Ideal shaft length for trolling motor is 1 meter. Longer than this will create problems. It will be stuck in the shallow water. Perfect length shaft will provide best propulsion to move fast. In the shallow water it will not hit the bottom. This is why you need to check the shaft length. If you choose a short length shaft, it will not be submerged fully and it will not provide good propulsion. You need to make sure that the blade of the trolling motor is at least 12 inches under the water. Shorter than 12 inches shaft will not be fully submerged and it will create noise, as it will hit the water surface.

Measure the distance from the deck of your canoe to the water. Based on the distance, you need to choose the shaft size.

Trolling Motor for Canoe Buying Guide

You need to consider some facts before you buy a trolling motor for your canoe. You just can’t go to a market and buy a trolling motor. In this buying guide I discussed some facts in-detailed which you need to check before you select.

Ease of Use

You need to make sure that your trolling motor is very easy to use and comfortable. If your motor is not easy to use and you don’t feel comfortable enough to use it, then you should not buy that one. You will use it for a long time when you go on a trip or fishing.


There aren’t too many brands who make trolling motors for canoes. Some brands provide the best quality products. You need to find out which brands are good and which brands aren’t good. We have reviewed some trolling motors in this guide and all of them are from the best brands and high quality products.

If you are not choosing from this list, you can search online and can read articles about them. If you call those brand’s offices and talk to their salesman, you will gather a lot of information about them. Based on that information you can decide they are good brands or bad brands.

Veteran fishermen always suggest choosing a trolling motor from a well-known brand. It will save a lot of time and you will get the high-quality product. Though there are some good brands out there, who are not popular brands but they provide high-quality trolling motors.


Price always plays a big role when you want to buy something. It is also true when you want to purchase a trolling motor. You need to find a good trolling motor within your budget range.

From the list of trolling motors we have reviewed, you can choose a trolling motor for you within your budget. If you want all features and high-quality trolling motors you need to spend more money. However, you can find a trolling motor under $100, if you are looking for a cheap one but those trolling motors are not good quality and don’t have much features to offer you.

Wrapping it All Up

If you go fishing frequently from your canoe, you should install a trolling motor on your canoe. It saves you from a lot of hard work you need to do, if you are using paddles to power up your canoe. Mounting a trolling motor on a canoe is a no-brainer task.

Nowadays, trolling motors are getting cheaper but product quality is increasing and more features are adding daily. To fish effectively and efficiently, a trolling motor is must needed. In this guide I’ve reviewed the best trolling motors out there. I hope this buying guide will help to choose the best one for you and if you have any questions about trolling motors you can simply ask them below. I will try to answer all of your questions.

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