Best Snorkel Gear Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you interested in exploring what’s beneath the fantastic sea or want to add some thrill to your vacation?

Whatever it is, you need the be​st snorkel gear. And then you can dive into the blues.

Wait! What kind of snorkel gear are you going to choose? Don’t know? Well, stick with me. This snorkel gear buying guide will help you to make the right choice.

First Look

Best Overall: Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set at Amazon

“High-end snorkel gear and also good setup for travel.”

Best for Beginner: Phantom Aquatics Legendary Mask Fin Snorkel Set at Amazon

“Great snorkel gear for beginner.”

Best for Professional: U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel Snorkeling Set at Amazon

“Best snorkel gear for professional.”

Best for Kids: Promate Junior Snorkel Set for Kids at Amazon

“Excellent snorkel set for kids.”

Best for Women: U.S. Divers Diva Women Snorkeling Set at Amazon

“Reliable & pink snorkel gear for women.”

Here Are The Best Snorkel Gear To Buy In 2023

#1 Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Cressi is a renowned brand that has been producing excellent snorkeling gear since the early days.

If you are dedicated and love snorkeling, this snorkel set will be the right choice for you.

It’s higher price gives you the high-quality snorkel gear that makes snorkeling much enjoyable.

These two windows tempered glass made masks give you proper peripheral vision. If you have claustrophobia, this feature will help you to ease your dread.

Moreover, it’s small inner volume decreases fog inside and feeds more air to your lungs.

Fit and comfort are the foremost priority for a mask. Its thick silicone skirt edge can adapt to most faces.

Its snorkel part comes up with all the modern features that are offered nowadays. First of all, this is a dry top snorkel with an original anti-splash end. If your enthusiasm goes beyond just snorkeling on the surface, I mean, sometimes want to dive deeper, this snorkel top closes naturally.

It also prevents entering splashes during a little bit of riotous condition. Also, it does have a purge valve that allows you to blow out the entered water. So, wherever you do snorkeling, this snorkel will give you full pleasure.

This snorkel set includes open heels, short fins. Most of the time, you will see that modern fins are short though it gains some dissatisfaction. But yet it’s stylish and makes you much more comfortable in the water.

Also, you will stay away from the coral and packed easily in your travel luggage. I always feel safe to put my bet on short fins for its bunch of benefits.

#2 U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel Snorkeling Set

U.S. Divers is another famous brand for making quality snorkel gear.

Many diving specialists recommend this for its top-class performance at an affordable price range.

That is why it has become attractive to all kinds of snorkelers.

This U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel Mask is made of standard materials like tempered glass, silicone skirt.

Noteworthy gears are two window field of view, double feathered edge skirt so that fit exactly.

Mask is a close fit that you get the advantage of by having less buoyancy. In case you don’t know, less buoyancy reduces air consumption. It’s 3-way adjusted buckles will release you from the tension of proper adjustment.

Splash top snorkel based on hydro-adhesion technology is the most highlighted feature of this snorkel set. If you are concerned about swallowing salty water during snorkeling, this technology must be a solution. It drains out unexpected water and ensures that it’s not entering in your breathing tube.

Such a cool feature, isn’t it? Aside from it, this snorkel has fluent airflow and built-in purge at the bottom of the snorkel. When you dive deeper into the water, the snorkel will be flooded. Float again and exhale smoothly, water will be blown out automatically.

This snorkel set provides you full foot fin. If you love simplicity, a full foot fin is appropriate for you. You don’t need booties or water shoes. Besides, you don’t have to fasten a bunch of straps that take time. Just insert the foot and keep rocking.

#3 Phantom Aquatics Legendary Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Phantom Aquatics considered as suitable for occasional snorkelers.

This time, it comes up with superb snorkel gear that is applicable for both professional and casual snorkelers.

This budget snorkels performance proved itself worthy of occupying a place in expert’s top-10 list.

The mask contains tilted sides for the full field of vision, including the tempered glass lens.

The excellent panoramic view will give you a lot of enjoyment. Every snorkel mask around here promised to be waterproof. However, 100% of water resistance is not guaranteed. Don’t blame just the brand or question their quality.

Sometimes it happens that you didn’t adjust the strap correctly. This mask will free you from all of this trouble. It has a universal fit that adapts with faces thoroughly. Adjustable straps are quite easy to tie up the mask.

You will find tightening or loosening the strap is very smooth. I bet you have never seen such a unique and uncomplicated adjustment system like this.

Specially designed dry top snorkel keeps water away from the breathing tube. There is a purge valve at the bottom part, Which helps to drain out in case water leaked in. I found the mouthpiece and lower part softer than any other snorkels.

This snorkel has an exclusive feature that must attract you. It is a quick-release button on snorkels. It allows you to separate and attaches the mask and snorkel instantly and easily.

Like mask and snorkel, this open heel fins has a quick-release strap system. A perfect angle of the blade produces maximum thrust with the least effort. Apart from this, some snorkelers find this fin bothering.

A few days ago, one of my friends bought this snorkel gear, having a problem with the fins. He called me to find out what it is. This time, I examined these fins carefully. Soon I revealed the problem, and then both of us laughed out. Phantom Aquatics used to insert plastic materials for retaining the fins shape.

It prevents deforming in case you put a bunch of stuff above the fins. Feel free to remove this rigid plastic during snorkeling. Fear not, fans won’t be distorted.

#4 ZEEPORTE Snorkel Gear

Includes tempered glass Lens Snorkel Mask; Snorkel w/Dry Top, Lower Purge Valve & Flexible Mouthpiece; & Adjustable Trek Fins – Off the well-known snorkel brand.

Surprisingly I found Zeeporte snorkel gear extraordinary.

Normally people have a dilemma to put out their money on little-known things. This time, I can confirm that it won’t disappoint you.

I recommend this snorkel gear for its high capability of functioning and dominant features.

If you are looking for a budget snorkel gear with a bit of premium quality, this is another one you should buy.

Mask is professionally made from tempered glass. After a long use, the lens got scratches, which may spoil the full mask. This glass has scratch-resistance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Standard silicone materials assure you a comfortable fit. The double lens gives a closer and simple view. It provides a full field of view, including up & down, side to side view. Another cool feature makes me surprised that it’s treated for fog-resistance while other masks usually get fogged up inside a bit.

Mask is so easy to use that all kinds of snorkelers will find it most user-friendly. Aside from snorkeling, you can use this mask for water sports and underwater photography.

Snorkel is a true dry top featuring Dry-top technology. It blocks the peak while you go underwater. Float again, the block will be removed, and you get adequate air to breathe. Lower purge valve helps you to drain out the water if the water entered in the case.

Soft silicone mouthpiece will give you full pleasure. Overall this snorkel is a superb piece. It provides all the features that are expected to have in an ideal snorkel.

Fins are super speedy by build. You will find these lightweight fins are making your movement in the water much easier. You may be concerned about wearing booties because of its open heel style. Relax!

Whether you wear it with booties or just barefoot, it won’t affect your comfort. Extended soleplate shoves out more water; as a result, you will get maximum power by giving a little push.

#5 Seavenger Voyager Snorkeling Set

Seavenger competes alongside leading diving brands consistently. It’s providing the best quality product to you in your budget range.

If you are looking for a good snorkel gear and have no will to spend much, you should choose this.

Moreover, it’s occupied a place in my top-10 favorite list. I’m pretty sure you are also going to love it.

Its shatterproof tempered glass mask settled in a wide-angle that increases peripheral vision.

You will experience the finest field of view with it. Scavenger’s trademark single window and less inward volume make it more unique. Its mask adjustment system is good enough that it barely leaks water or fog up. Liquid injected silicone skirts assure you a perfect seal around your face.

This brand gained grandeur for its top-class snorkel. This snorkel is dry-top, has a splash guard with an upper valve, and there is a purge option at the bottom of the mouthpiece that drains out water quickly.

Soft silicone mouthpiece is placed in a perfect angle as it prevents jaw fatigue, and you do breathe easily. You can bend this snorkel according to your comfort position.

Fins are short and open-heel. You find it super comfortable and durable as it is made from lightweight materials. If you think spending some energy on kicking isn’t such a problem, then shortfin will be the right choice. Its advanced design generates excellent speed.

Another reason I love this Seavenger combo, it offers a lot of trendy colors. It looks stylish and fashionable.

You will get a carry bag with a snorkel set when you buy one though it comes as a bonus. And then you have to spend some money on the purchase of a carry bag. This snorkel set provides you a long-lasting and high-quality zip closure carry bag with shoulder strap for easy storage. Indeed, you can save some money.

#6 Cressi Palau Long Fins, Focus Mask, Dry Snorkel, Snorkeling Gear Package

Taste the new way of snorkeling with this Cressi snorkel package focusing on two particular needs.

Firstly, you will find the best comfort that you have ever felt.

Secondly, an attractive fin provides multiple accurate sizes so that you can share it with your family and friends.

So, whether you are planning on making a trip with family or friends, this snorkel gear should be your first choice without a second thought.

Typical snorkel mask tends to lose its efficiency after prolonged use. Even after long and rough use, you will find this mask as a new one. Its soft silicone skirt ensures the compact seal and apparently high comfort.

It’s two window tempered glass lens goggles made for enduring a lot of pressure underwater and a clear view. An adjustable buckle is easy to use. One thing I always prefer about snorkel gear is it should be simple, easy to use, and gorgeous. This time, I can confirm that this mask is on the top of my preference.

Snorkel is also pretty simple. Anti-splash guard prevents water, while sprays of waves fall upon you. Snorkel remains dry even if you submerge into the water.

It has a discharge cup for easy and instant emptying. Silicone made mouthpiece, and the corrugated part never reminds you of jaw fatigue. I give you a guarantee that this snorkel’s higher accuracy of well functioning makes you bound to fascinate.

Fins, this is where Cressi has focused much. The comfortable foot pocket provides at least four successive sizes.

So if you want to use the same fin for multiple people, you got the right fin. Long fins are made from standard lightweight materials. The brilliant design of the blade makes the kick like fluid and effortless yet pretty powerful.

Whether you wore it barefoot or with booties, utmost satisfaction is guaranteed.

#7 Phantom Aquatics Adult Speed Sport Mask Fin Snorkel Set

It’s worth spending money on it. Why not? It’s affordable and satisfies all your needs.

As a budget concerned person, this kit will be my first choice.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to buy expensive gear. 

This lightweight kit introduces you with some useful features. First of all, this mask has tempered glass. Coldwater or warm water, whether you do snorkeling, your mask needs to endure a bit pressure and should be stronger than ordinary glasses.

Tempered glass can handle this situation more efficiently. Commonly cheaper masks have a skirt made of plastic that is less flexible and uncomfortable.

But this mask provides you with a 100% silicone skirt that allows you to make a perfect watertight seal around your face and give more pleasure. Besides, it’s low internal volume easing the masks purging.

Now the snorkel. This snorkel offers the semi-dry top feature that prevents entering the water when you are on the surface of the water. If you submerge, the snorkel will be flooded. After resurfacing, exhale some air, water will blow out. It is a perfect snorkel gear for beginners.

Its fins are cozy. I must notify you that this is a short and open heel fin. Though you have to kick more, your speed will increase twice. Its adjustable strap allows you to adjust your feet. Don’t forget to remove the inserted plastic.

#8 Promate Snorkeling Fins Panoramic Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Set

As a promising brand Promate has its own style of its product.

The high price may have shocked you for a while, but it’s gorgeous look and consistent performance must fascinate you.

With all uncommon but useful features, you will find your vacation delightful. I bet you won’t think twice before buying it.

You are paying a good amount, in exchange, assured your highest satisfaction. 

They are very aware of it, keeping you up to date with all modern features.

The edgeless side with a single lens mask is the main attraction. It’s attached to a silicone skirt with a lens straightly that gives you maximum field of vision. This feature makes the mask more lightweight and tends to be more flexible.

Moreover, it fits most faces comfortably. It must be annoying to have bubbles in front of your mask because it decreases the visibility. It’s channeled skirt design keeps bubbles away from view. Needless to say, the patented purge option and tempered glass make it one of the unique masks among the best.

This snorkel has its own style to keep water out of the breathing tube. When it submerges, a patented hinged seal resists entering the water.

Specially designed splash guard prevents splashes. The silicone purge valve allows for easy water draining. Built-in whistle housing makes fluent airflow. Pre-curved soft silicone mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue.

Open heel wave snorkeling fins is an evolution. Made from first-class materials makes it light yet looking stylish. Either socks or barefoot, you feel comfortable with its soft rubber foot pocket. The release button in fins will make your adjustment easier. Must say it’s comfortable to wear.

#9 U.S. Divers Admiral Snorkeling Set

Another premium looking and high-quality snorkeling set from US Divers.

When quality gets the topmost priority, US Divers comes first. I can’t but tell you an experience of mine.

I bought this snorkel gear as my first one.

After rough use in one and a half years, I gave it to my younger brother. Still, it’s giving an outstanding performance.

So, if you are looking for long-lasting top rated snorkel gear in the budget, you should choose it.

The mask includes a tempered glass lens with a silicone skirt. Two window masks give you a broad and clearest view. There isn’t any purge valve in the mask. Its 3-way adjustable pro-glide buckles assure you snug fit that you’ll find leaking water into the mask is very rare.

For this reason, you won’t feel the necessity of having a purge valve.

Snorkel is the coolest part of this gear. The most renowned brand offers its own patented design for the dry top feature. This snorkel comes with their Pivot Dry technology that not only provides you a splash-guard on the water surface but also switches off the top when you dive deeper.

Dissimilar to the other patented dry top design, it provides much better airflow while you are on the surface.

Trek fin is a trend these days. It offers a wide variety of sizes that help you to find your exact fit. With its dual-composite fin blade, you feel like fish in the water. A soft foot pocket gives you much better comfort.

Another benefit of Trek fin is, it doesn’t take much space in your baggage and is easy to pack. All of this feature makes it the most recommended fins to the expert.

#10 SealBuddy FIJI Panoramic Snorkel Set

This time, I go off the track and pick Sealbuddy.

It is a top-notch product for professional-level snorkelers but also quite suitable for beginners. This brand Sealbuddy never compromises with the quality of the product.

They are offering a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support as the sign of strong confidence in their product. You will get a superior taste of it.

It has all the newest features every snorkeler needs.If you do snorkeling to a certain degree, Sealbuddy is recommended for you.

You will experience the best panoramic view with its four windows tempered glass made mask. Ear pressure balance is well-developed by its curved nose piece design. The face skirt is 100% silicone that assures you an ideal fit. In case you have an eyesight problem, you can insert prescribed glasses.

Dry top ball design is a unique characteristic of this snorkel. There is a ball that controls water access. When submerged, the ball blocks off the top of the snorkel and the ball goes down. When snorkels float one way, a sealed purge valve helps leak-free air release. The polyurethane made bendable snorkel tube gives you ultimate satisfaction.

Open heel fins suit perfectly with this set. Dual blended slick blades allow the least thrust fatigue while you get maximum speed. Compared with the other two parts of this snorkel set, fins are quite simple.

As a bonus, a stylish premium bag is offered.

What’s Needed for Snorkeling

There are three essential types of equipment you need for snorkeling.

Snorkel Masks –

It makes an air pocket around the eyes and nose that one can see underwater. It also allows you to adjust pressure changes. You can find out quickly quality masks, among others, by some features.

Fit is the foremost thing to consider. Make sure you are comfortable with your mask, and it fits well.

A quality mask must have a tempered glass lens and a 100% silicone skirt. Silicone skirt makes a watertight seal around the face. Nowadays, the purge valve gains popularity. It allows you to remove water using a one-way release valve in case your mask leaks water.

There are many kinds of snorkel masks based on the view of windows. This is entirely up to you how many windows you want. Just make sure your peripheral vision is not interrupted.

If you have problems with the traditional mask or breathing underwater, you can try a full face snorkel mask. It is a combined version of the mask and snorkel.

Snorkel –

It is a tube that helps you breathe underwater. It remains unchanged for many days. So all you need to look for in a good snorkel is its additional features. These days almost every brand offers handsome features.

But which specialty makes a snorkel extra-ordinary? 

​Dry top resists water entering into the snorkel even if you submerge. The semi-dry top prevents water only if you are on the surface. The anti-splash guard stops tiny splashes of water in slightly rough condition. Purge valve clears the water that entered in the snorkel.

​Oh! I forgot to say another thing. It is the mouthpiece. Two types of mouthpiece you will find. They are rigid PVC and soft silicone. Pick one that you are comfortable with.

All features of a snorkel I mentioned above. Now it’s up to you. If you have a problem with flooding and not going too deep underwater, semi-dry snorkel with an anti-splash guard will be convenient for you. Otherwise, try dry top snorkel.

Snorkel Fin –

It simply helps you to move through the water by its power of propulsion. There are two types of fins. Open heel and full foot fins. Each of them has unique rules to use.​

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​Full foot fins are suggested for warmer water. It is worn barefooted and made of flexible materials. As it covers the whole foot, it gives protection to your heel. Things to bear in mind, these fins foot size is fixed. Before having it, make sure it’s fitted you perfectly.

​Open heel fins are recommended for cold water. It has an adjustable strap so that size can be customized. As it does not cover the full foot, it requires extra footwear like neoprene socks, water shoes. It provides you with comprehensive protection of your foot.

​Unfitting is a common issue for both full foot and open heel fins. Just keep in mind, full foot fins are sold by shoe size and marked by male size.

On the other hand, open heel fins allow you to customize the fit. So it’ll be equipped for anyone. People whose feet are still growing, an open heel fin is appropriate for them. So select wisely.

How To Find The Best Snorkel Gear

There are a few things to consider. I am going to share what I exactly did when I bought my snorkel set for the first time.


Give precedence to your comfort. Go with the one that you feel natural and relaxed. You had already spent a healthy amount, and still, you are struggling to adapt to your gear, what would be worse than that?


Always try to stick with the well-known brand. There are many advantages to it. A renowned brand has more reviews than a less known brand.

People talk more about them. You can learn better about the pros and cons of them. Above all, the prominent brand provides the finest quality to you.


As I mentioned above, quality is another key fact. If you are a newbie and thinking a cheaper snorkel set can do the job nicely, well, you are going in the wrong way.

Cheap snorkel gear packages may lead you to great troubles in the water.

A quality snorkel kit can make your first snorkeling experience delightful. It doesn’t mean you have to spend huge money on it.

Luckily many best snorkel gears meet your budget. Here I come to help you find your best one.

Consider These Facts Before Buying Snorkel

There are a couple of things you should consider before you buy a snorkel gear set for yourself.

Snorkel Gear Brand

Whatever we buy, we always want the best. The best product comes from the reputed brand. They care about customer satisfaction and feedback. They provide excellent after-sale services.

Sometimes it happens that you have seen some fantastic features of a product and then ordered. After getting the product, you had noticed there aren’t any “fantastic features.” Reputed brands will give you straightforward information. That is why I like them.

Some well-known snorkel brands are Cressi, US Divers, and Seavenger.


Standard materials like 100% silicone, tempered glass assure high performance and enjoyment. But there are many snorkel sets that are made from cheap plastic materials.

Make sure that your snorkel accessories are made from standard materials.


Warranty is the confidence in the durability of a product. Every renowned brand offers a warranty for a limited time. During warranty time, your accessories will be replaced by the company if it has defective parts. Be sure that yours has a warranty.


The budget plays an important role. A high-quality product needs a higher budget. But the truth is everybody can’t afford a big amount. If the budget isn’t any concern, it’s okay for you. Buy an expensive snorkel gear without a second thought.

If you have a tight budget, a little research is needed. Already I have done it above for you. I have provided there some best snorkel sets on a tight budget. So, choose wisely, make sure that your money has not gone in vain.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask around some common questions about snorkeling. Here you find some answers

Do I need to be a good swimmer for snorkeling?​Answer – Straightly, it’s not a big deal. All you need is some experience in water; fins will do the rest. Fins not only help you to move in the water but also float. Besides, the air inside the mask will do a little help. You can practice a bit in the pool.

However, if you don’t feel safe, you can wear a buoyancy vest.

1. Except for the mask, snorkel, and fins, what else do I need?

These three pieces are the primary need for snorkeling, and it’s enough. All other pieces of stuff just give you some additional benefits.

Such as, if it’s a tropical island, you may need skin protection. If you want to take pictures of the underwater sea, you need an underwater camera. After all, it’s absolutely up to you whether you need some extra stuff or not.

2. How do I look after my snorkel gear?

Well taken care of snorkel gear assure you the best performance.

Dry salt that dries will make your equipment grained. To avoid that, wash your gear with fresh water after snorkeling.

Keep it away from heat and light. Snorkeling Accessories materials are sensitive to heat and light. Scrub the lens with toothpaste before wearing it. It prevents fog up. You can use mask defoggers too.

Don’t put anything heavy upon a snorkel set. It may cause damage.

3. What are the best conditions for snorkeling?

Sunny and calm weather is the perfect condition for snorkeling. At mid-day, you will get the maximum sunlight as the sun stands overhead. It’s the best time for snorkeling.

4. Can I wear glasses within the mask?

Yes, you do. Make sure that your mask allows you to insert it.

Final Verdict

In this snorkel gear review, I have given you a precise idea of best snorkel gear. In the time of writing this review, I do consider the budget, quality, and brand. Personally, I am familiar with all the snorkel gear sets that I mentioned above.

So after reading this review, choosing a snorkeling gear from my list will be best for you.

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