Best Scuba Mask In 2023

You need a scuba mask for better vision in the underwater world.

But you can’t go to the market and buy a mask for your scuba diving.

Your musk has to fit on your face properly and you should feel comfortable because If you are going scuba diving, then you will be in the water for a long time.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that snorkel mask and scuba mask are the same and they choose the snorkel mask for their cheap price. If you are thinking the same, Then I should tell you that they are two different masks.

In this buying guide, we gathered the best scuba masks out there and reviewed them so that you can choose the right scuba mask for you.

Scuba Mask Reviews

#1 Cressi Big Eyes Evolution

This Big Eye Evolution from cressi is a budget friendly mask. It is made in Italy. Though it is a cheap price scuba mask, you will get all the features you will need.

This one is made of high seal silicon, which will give you comfort and durability. It is a dual window mask and designed for better visibility.

They used rigid elements to make its frame, which is patented by Cressi.  You will get a hard plastic box so that you can travel with this without any problem. If you are looking for a cheap scuba mask, you can definitely go for this one.

You will not find another mask at the same price with all the features they are offering.

#2 Atomic Venom Frameless Mask

If you are looking for a frameless mask, then you can check this one. This Atomic Venom Frameless Mask from Atomic manufacturer is a high quality build mask.

Though, this mask can cost you over $150, you are getting the best quality rigid build mask. They used industry best Gummi Bear UltraSoft silicone  and other high quality materials for this one.

This is very soft and you will feel very comfortable under water. You will get a panoramic view with this ultra wide frameless mask. You can mold it and carry it in your travel bag very easily.

#3 OCTOMASK – Dive Mask for All GoPro Hero

If you have a gopro camera or you are planning to buy a gopro camera for capturing your underwater adventure, then this one’s for you.

You can mount your gopro camera on this mask. All types of gopro camera you can mount with this one. Apart from this, It is also a very good diving mask.

They used an ultra soft silicon skirt and It is very soft and comfortable. This mask from OCTOMASK manufactures is a good middle range budget scuba mask. You can get it under $100.

#4 Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask

If you are looking for a good frameless dual lance dive mask at the low price, I am presenting this mask to you.

This shadow frameless mask from the Oceanic brand can be a great choice for scuba diving. Oceanic is a renowned brand among the divers. You can rely on their product and get the best experience from your next dive.

They also used silicon to produce this mask and Its buckles are very easy to adjust. You can fit around your face easily. Different colors and sizes are available to choose from.

#5 Atomic Aquatic Subframe ARC Scuba Mask

This Aquatic Subframe ARC Scuba Mask from the atomic brand is made for professional divers. If you are looking for a pro level scuba mask then this mask is for you.

This top-of-the-line dual lens scuba mask will give you the best view and provide you comfort underwater.

It is a subframe mask, meaning it is a hybrid frame mask (If you don’t know what a hybrid frame mask is, you can check below for detailed information). This mask is extremely durable and you will feel very comfy at the same time.

#6 Cressi F1 Scuba Diving Frameless Mask

This Cressi F1 Scuba diving musk from the Cressi brand is also a good frameless mask you can buy. Though this one is not made for pro level divers, you can use it for recreational purposes.

For recreational diving, you don’t need a high-end diving mask. You do fine with a cheap mask like this one. This one is very popular among the low-profile divers.

It is also a travel friendly scuba mask. You can clear it effortlessly because of its low-internal volume. You can also adjust your mask with its buckle, which is very flexible.

#7 Cressi Low Volume Adult Mask for Scuba

This is also a great scuba mask from the same cressi manufacturer. We’ve selected it for adult divers. So, if you are an adult and looking for a scuba mask, you can try this one.

It is made in Italy. Cressi is popular for innovating new technologies. They’ve used 3 new innovative technologies to make this one.

To make this mask, they registered 3 patents. This means, you will not find a mask which offers the same features and uses the same technologies. You can do different types of water-sports with this mask.

#8 Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Dive Mask

This dive mask from Kraken Aquatics is also a good mask at the cheap price. You can get this under $50. This one is a one-piece frameless mask.

Like other scuba masks It is also made of silicon. This is why it is flexible and leak-proof. You also find it comfortable after using it for a long time underwater.

You need to adjust this mask around your face with its buckle, as there is only one size available but you will get the option to choose colors.Its lenses are made of tempered-glass for safety.

#9 Scubapro Ghost Frameless Dive Mask

The Scubapro Ghost Frameless Low-volume Dive mask is from The Scubapro manufacturer based in the USA. This one is a very eye-catching design mask.

I personally liked this one. If you are looking for a mask which will be sturdy made and have a wonderful design at the same time, then this one will be the best for you. This mask is also very soft and comfortable.

It will fit on your face very easily. I will not say this one is the best mask but definitely it is a good one. The only downside of this mask is, Some users have complaints that It leaks water sometimes.

#10 Aqua Lung Atlantis Single Lens Dive Mask

This one from Aqua Lung is the best mask, if you are looking for a single lens mask. This is High-volume mask and this is why you will get an excellent field of view.

It only comes in one color: black. Its skirt is made of silicon and It will provide you with a secure seal against your skin. It is also a shatterproof scuba diving mask.

How To Choose the Best Scuba Mask

Before you choose a scuba mask for your next scuba diving adventure, there are some things you need to consider. Not all types of masks are suitable for everyone. I’ve discussed these features and different types of mask below.

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If you are new in this scuba diving field, you need to read this buying guide carefully before you go for any scuba mask.

Mask Lens

Mask lens is important because you will see underwater beauty through this part. First thing you need to make sure is that the mask lens is made of tempered glass and much light can pass through this lens.

Low quality lenses can let 70%-80% light and on the other hand, best quality lenses can let nearly 95% light, which can make a great difference. You should know that, when you dive in, the water will get less and less light, as you go deep in the sea.

You also see three different types of mask lens: single lens, dual lens, and multiple lens. These lens types will have a great impact on how well you see and how well it will fit on your face in the water. Single lens is a traditional type lens and you can see more clearly and wider with this lens. The main downside of this mask  lens type is that it will not fit properly on a small face but this type of mask is popular among the travellers, as it is easy to carry.

Dual window/Lens will fit on nearly every type of face but will see lesser view than a single lens. This type of mask lens is easy to clear and fit easily.

a multiple window mask, on the other hand, will give you peripheral vision. You see many window panes on each side of the mask.

Mask Frame

Mask frames are also important things to consider before you buy a scuba mask.  You will see mainly three different mask frames: frame-less, framed, and hybrid.

First frame type is frame-less. As you can guess that this type of mask doesn’t have any frames. Its lenses/windows are not attached with any type of frames. This is why, It is a very lightweight mask and you can carry it in your BCD pocket. Sometimes you will bring a backup mask with you and you can bring a flame-less mask with you, as you can fold it and carry it in your BCD pocket. Because of no frame,Its  lenses are attached with a silicon rubber skirt.

Scuba framed mask has a hard frame and its lenses are attached to it. Its lenses are far from your eyes and this is why you can see easily and without any discomfort.  This framed mask is also advisable, if you want to use prescribed lenses.

Hybrid framed mask is both framed and frameless. This new technology will allow you to use a framed mask with all the features of a frameless mask. Hybrid frame masks are a bit pricey than frame and frameless masks.

If you are new and if you are not a professional scuba diver, you can go for a frameless mask. Otherwise, you can go for a framed mask or hybrid  mask.

Mask Skirt

If you ask me, which is the most important thing to check, then my answer will be masks skirt. Because It keeps your mask secure and in place throughout the diving.

If you don’t choose a good quality skirt, your mask will not fit around your face. As a result, water will flood in your mask and you will need to clear it again and again.

It is the most annoying thing, if  water finds its way in your mask and believe me, you don’t want that during your dive.

So, make sure the mask skirt is made of high quality silicone and it fits around your face properly. Some companies use medical grade silicone for their masks skirt, which is very high-quality made.

Mask Strap & Buckles

Mask straps help to hold your mask securely. It fastens your mask so that your mask fits on your face without any leakage. You need to check, if it is durable enough doesn’t come off after fastening. It is also made of silicon, the same as a mask skirt. Some manufacturers use different types of materials and those materials also, most of the time, good quality.

Head sizes are not the same for all people. For this reason, you will see buckles to adjust your mask. You can do that without taking your mask off. The only downside of buckles are, most of the time, They are not made of high-quality materials and breaks after using them a couple of times.


In the end, It doesn’t matter which type of scuba mask you buy, If you don’t feel comfortable and don’t fit properly, then you just wasted your hard-earned money. You can guess how important it is. I’ve reviewed the top 10 best scuba masks for diving and you can choose from this list. They are all good quality masks and recommended by pro level scuba divers.

You just need to select based on your needs and preferences. If you have any questions you can comment below, I will try to reply to your queries around scuba masks. Happy diving!

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