Best Hunting Backpacks Reviewed in 2023

Surely, hunting is fun and way more adventurous than anything else.

But it requires a bunch of accessories to go hunting.

Carrying a load of hunting stuff must be tiresome, but a suitable hunting backpack can free you from this pain and make it effortless.

It also helps you to keep all the necessary gear in one place, which you find very handy in the great need.

First Look

Best Overall:ALPS OutdoorZ Commander at Amazon

“Made of Nylon Rip stop fabric for durability and long-lasting.”

Best Budget: Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack at Amazon

“Great pack for multi-day hunting.”

Best for Professional: Eberlestock Backpack at Amazon

“Great Backpack for serious hunters.”

Best Under 100: Allen Remington Camo Hunting Daypack at Amazon

“Best hunting backpack under 100.”

Best for Packing Out Meal: Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack at Amazon

“Best Hunting Pack For Hauling Meat.”

To help you to find the best hunting backpack in the budget, here, in this article, I narrowed it down to the top ten hunting backpack reviews. For your convenience, I added some informative tips and some hunting advice.

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry, take a quick glance below. These hunting backpacks will help you to find your suitable one.

Best Hunting Backpack Review

#1 ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame

When it comes to heavy-duty hunting backpack, I suggest ALPS OutdoorZ first. Why not?

With vast space, lightweight, extra extension straps with a bunch of useful compartments, and Commander Freighter Frame, this backpack seriously dominates overall hunting backpacks.

Not just its features, outstanding quality, and affordable price increasing its popularity in an unstoppable way. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features:-

Spacious and Lightweight

Having a heavy backpack during hunting is not expected, no matter how much feature it has. It seems ALPS Outdoorz put some effort into this thought and came up with a lightweight hunting backpack of just 2.3 lbs. Though Commander Freighter Frame added some weight on it, yet it is lighter than others.

The backpack weight might tempt you to think that it is not big. But it is incredibly large and provides 5250 cubic inch volume. Certainly, this vast volume allows you to carry a lot of things and obviously, a very good amount of meat hauling.

Commander Freight Frame

The commander freighter frame is the feature that makes this backpack different and unique from others. After seeing the benefit of “The commander,” you will agree with me.

It has its own strapping system that allows easy detaching from the bag. After separating the frame, you can exploit it to carry firewood, pray that you hunt down to your base camp.

While you are not using it as a separate frame, it can be equally effective as an appropriate weight distributor. The commander constructed in a way that distributes weight equally on the back, which makes you feel the load-carrying effortless.

More Than Enough Pockets

Backpack pocket allows us to keep things organized and separate each stuff from others. This pack provides plenty of pockets such as side accessory pocket, front pocket, spotting scope pocket, hydration pocket to accommodate all of your necessary hunting accessories.

#2 Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

Compared with these well-known brands like ALPS Outdoorz, Badlands, Eberlestock, and Tenzing, Timber Hawk is a less known brand.

But being less known doesn’t degrade the quality of a product. 

Off the track product can be as good as a famous brand, Timber Hawk Killshot is the appropriate example of this.

Timber Hawk Killshot is a versatile hunting pack as it offers a bunch of useful features that will make your hunting game enjoyable.

If you are searching for a hunting backpack in an affordable price range for one or two days hunting game, you can consider Killshot without a second thought.

Now, let’s see some of its primary features.

Solidly Built with Durable Materials

The very first thing that will draw one’s attention toward this backpack is its fine durable fabric. This pack is crafted with polyester brushed tricot with PVC backing, which provides maximum quietness of the fabric. It allows you to approach your hunt without making noise.

Not just quietness, this fabric proved high durability in all possible roughness. Rough terrain, woods, swamp wherever you go for a hunt, it will accompany you with its high performance.

Large Main Compartment

Killshots main compartment is completely surprising as it is much bigger than some well-known hunting backpack to some extent. The main compartment provides 3324 cubic inches of storage capacity, which is long enough for one or two day games. Hip belt pockets from both sides also provide some space for further storage.

Easy Functionality & Access

The Killshot backpack provides a bunch of features. If you are worried about getting lost into those features like what feature works what, worry not, every feature comes with smooth functionality. Alongside this, it also ensures ease of access.

Such as, it provides large loop zipper pulls so that you can easily use it with a gloved hand, you can put your rifle in the rifle pouch, and you can set this removable pouch on the left or right whichever side you want.

You may have GPS, mobile phone, or sunglasses, which tends to be fragile. There are twill lined top accessory pockets to store these items safely. If you want to store things that need to be accessed quickly, you can store them on the left and right hip belt pockets.

Stowaway Rain Cover

Stowaway rain cover is for keeping the content of your pack dry from the rain. You will find it very useful in the time of raining and passing through swamps.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Struggle for fitting is over. Timber Hawk Killshot provides adjustable shoulder straps that will fit multiple torso sizes.

It comes handy if multiple people use one backpack. Suppose you lend this pack from your friend whose torso size may be different from you. Now, with adjustable shoulder straps, you can fit it to torso size too.

#3 Eberlestock Laptop Hunting Pack

It seems Eberlestock G2 is way much pricey compared with other hunting backpacks.

Still, it provides some unique benefits in exchange for your money.

That is, it gives you a compact and rich in feature hunting backpack.

Various defense organizations such as the military, police throughout the world use this backpack widely for its admirable usefulness. This backpack also influences mountaineers, hunters, and travelers for its wide range of benefits.

It is worth putting your money on that kingpin backpack. Moreover, it also points to another important thing, no matter what kind of hunting game it is; it will perfectly suit all of your needs.

Rich Compartment Facility

Nowadays, when other backpacks focus on how to accommodate weapons and strapping things, they forget to provide an efficient main compartment. And at this point, Eberlestock G2 creates the difference.

It provides a 2700 cubic inch main compartment to shelter all necessary hunting accessories for approximately three days. That means, it can be used for both daypack and multi-day pack

The compartment is made of 1000d Cordura nylon polyurethane-coated material, which supports the waterproof feature. Even if you get wet, your stuff will be dry and safe inside the main compartment.

It also provides two compression strap buckles on both sides to compress the main compartment.

In case you carry electronic gadgets or fragile stuff, a padded pocket inside the main compartment will be a great place to keep those things.

Impressive Back Support

The innovation of Eberlestock, Intex II frame system puts an end to the internal frame versus external frame confusion.

Intex II outplayed both internal and external frames by combining the features of both of these frames in a single Intex II frame. It supports the outer frame structure while giving the comfort of the internal frame structure.

This frame system provides impressive back support with proper padding that makes the load carrying simple and smooth. Needless to mention that you hardly feel the load of your stuff.

Wide Integrated Scabbard

The wide integrated scabbard is the richest feature of this backpack. It allows you to facilitate weapons carrying comfortably. It provides such large space that weapons with larger cross-section or bulky optics can easily be sheltered inside the scabbard.

The bottom of the scabbard is wide enough to accommodate some electronic stuff, such as PDA or laptop. Besides, it can be used for another weapon. It also allows you to carry the weapon butt down or butt up.

Front & Top Loading

The combination of front and top-loading gives easy access to the main compartment. You do not have to struggle to get access to your things.

The front and top-loading design produce another useful benefit. Accessing from the front prevents water while it is raining or wet around.

Dual Hydration Compatibility

G2 backpack contains two 3L water reservoirs, which help you to stay hydrated.

#4 Allen Remington Camo Hunting Daypack

Remington Twin Mesa is an excellent example of fine craftsmanship in the very affordable price range.

The real advantage of this hunting pack is, everything you need is incorporated within this pack.

You may not find some features that you expect, but this pack tries its best to give you ultimate satisfaction. 

If you don’t care for eye-catching features, want a looking good and well-performing hunting pack, Remington Twin Mesa is for you.

Below here, I discussed the major feature of this backpack in detail.

Meshed Interior Pockets

Hunting pack is not a showcase that you can decorate everything nicely in order. All you do is, stack your stuff inside the backpack, which often lacks the fresh air inside. Lack of fresh air creates an unhealthy situation, and as a result, the content of your pack may degrade in quality.

Remington mesh interior pockets for fresh airflow inside the pack to ensure the quality of your backpack stuff is yet okay.

Integrated Long Gun Carry System

Hunters often find it difficult to carry their gun in the backpack as a modern hunting backpack provides a more sophisticated method.

Though a removable gun pouch or pocket allows freedom to carry your guns in your style, often, it tends to be displaced from its original position.

Remington comes up with a simple and easy integrated long gun carry system that has a fixed position for your gun. Now, you don’t have to worry about displacing the hunting rifle as it is integrated with the pack.


Features are useful, but it makes the pack heavier. But as you want a simple but efficient hunting pack, you would want your backpack to be lightweight rather than donned with rich features.

Remington put some very good effort to make this pack as lightweight as possible. It allows you fast mobility, which is very important for being a successful hunting gamer.

Padded Hip Belts & Shoulder Straps

If you move on rough terrain, you must encounter the problem of oscillating shoulder straps and hip belts that, at the end of the day, give you a sore body. The sore body makes you feel tired, and it will soon preoccupy yourself over the joy of hunting.

Remington provides padded hip belts and shoulder straps that give ultimate comfort while you move through the rough terrain. Padded straps also make the load-carrying comfortable and distribute the load of the entire pack proportionately on your body.

#5 Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

The Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack is a signature of Badlands outstanding engineering and versatile design of their product.

This pack is the ultimate satisfaction for the money because it’s all mind-blowing features allow you to avenge the money that you spent on this pack.

Particularly, for daypack archery and rifle hunting, that hunting backpack is going to be a great company.

Efficient Engineering

The thing that separates Badlands from others is, they use the knowledge of modern biomechanics and physics for extreme performance. Almost two decades of experience and research make this backpack unique in its engineering.

Quick back panel access is one of the unique features that they have engineered. It allows you to access the backpack without having it off the shoulder. There is a zipper on its back which provides this facility.

In the time of hunting, you may find yourself in a situation that needs quick access to some content of your backpack. This time you find this feature very useful.

Its internal frame is made of T-6 aircraft aluminum, which I must say, a subtle and proper choice. It is lightweight and durable. Moreover, it provides excellent back support and weight distribution.

Room for Sidearms

Keeping backup arms must be very handy when your primary weapon runs out of ammo. This hunting backpack features a hip belt pistol holder to keep an alternate weapon alongside your rifle or bow.

Quality Crafting

The Badlands 2200 camo is an excellent example of the finest craftsmanship. It uses  KXO-32™ fabric, which is known as the most durable but yet soft enough fabric nowadays. The noise-resistant feature of this fabric makes the least noise. This feature is very handy when you approach the prey.

Blaze orange meat shelf is an outstanding addition to this backpack. It can be extended as required and separate your game from all other hunting accessories.

Handy Compartments

A sufficient compartment is considered to be useful when it comes to hunting. This backpack offers more than enough compartment to facilitate the hunting accessories carrying. You will get enough room for your tripod, spotting scope, rifle, sidearms, and meat haul.

Hydration Compatibility

Staying hydrated in hunting is equally very important. It offers an innovative way to stay hydrated during hunting. It provides a water bladder on top of the backpack with a tube so that you can drink water effortlessly by sipping. Moreover, you do not have to carry an extra water bottle.

Lifetime Warranty

Warranty is considered as the confidence of the product. When a brand offers a lifetime warranty on their product, you can assume that they are providing you the top-notch quality product.

The Badlands 2200 comes with a lifetime warranty, which may assure you of the quality of this backpack.

#6 Eberlestock X2 Hunting BackPack

Have you ever wanted a hunting pack that small in size and yet provides high performance like those giant hunting backpacks?

It is time to introduce you to the Eberlestock X2 hunting backpack.

It has all the features that are usually found in a big hunting pack.

It will satisfy all of your needs. This backpack is way much practical and easy to operate. If you are a newbie, you will find no difficulties in using it.

No wonder, why do all expert hunters praise highly about this pack. Especially when it comes to elk hunting, X2 is considered one of the best elk hunting backpacks.

Now, let’s see what makes the Eberlestock X2 so great that it received such an incredible rating.

Sufficient Pocket & Storage

How much space can a hunting pack provide that small in size? Its 1830 c.i volume is also backing this question.

Yes, at first sight, it seems X2 does not provide enough storage facility for a hunter. But it’s batwing design and a bunch of pockets can satisfy all the answers.

Batwing allows you to load up much more stuff than you can in 1830 c.i volume. Batwing is designed to keep those stuff that needs to be accessed quickly like your bow or rifles, spotting scope, knives, water, etc.

Moreover, there is enough space to store food, sleeping bags, hammock after putting those quickly accessible hunting gear. After carrying that amount of load, you find this pack still comfortable and compact.

Besides, X2 provides plenty of pockets to store a notebook, pencil, glasses, electronic gear separately.


FlexChasis is a unique addition that makes Eberlestock X2 pack versatile. FlexChasis is a multi-functional tool that allows you to use it for multiple purposes.

You can flip it forward to use as a seat, another way; you can use it to cradle the bottom of the load to strapping the front of the pack with compression straps.

Smart Design

Eberlestock is rich in design. Its outstanding design not only makes this nice to look but also gives you a compact and highly efficient hunting backpack.

Many hunters love to bring full-scale hunting weapons in hunting. If you are one of them, I’ve good news for you. X2 is designed to attach a side scabbard to carry a shotgun or any full-scale hunting rifle.

ARCG ButtBucket is another display of its deft design. It helps in carrying compound bows effortlessly.

X2 provides built-in compression straps that ease the load-carrying by compressing the pack closer to its frame for better weight distribution. Do not forget the ventilation at the back. Its ventilation system keeps some space to flow air to cool down.

Allows Fast Mobility

Not just for deer and elk hunting, fast mobility is needed for any hunting game. You find it a big trouble if you carry a large hunting pack.

A large hunting pack is useful, but it slows you down. X2 resolved the problem. It’s small size but providing enough spaces facilitates fast mobility.

When you find hunting down the prey is easy with fast mobility, hunting game is going to be a real success for you.

#7 ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Crossfire X Hunting Pack

ALPS Outdoorz has a reputation for making lightweight and spacious hunting backpack with extreme durability.

As a result, it gives an extraordinary performance on the field. Crossfire X hunting pack is no exception.

 It is the ultimate satisfaction for money.

The feature and performance of this backpack indicate that if you are looking for a day pack, Crossfire X will be the best choice for you.

Lightweight & Durable

The whole weight of the pack is just 4.3 lbs providing 2325 cubic inch in volume. Hunting is about carrying a lot of heavy stuff, including meat haul. Under the circumstances, a featherweight backpack is an excellent advantage for you.

ALPS Outdoorz makes this backpack go through a lot of harsh conditions to ensure its durability. Its 1680D ballistic nylon with abrasion resistance is durable enough to survive in any tough hunting game. Moreover, it keeps your stuff safe and sounds alongside giving you the greatest comfort.

It is quite clear the lightweight and durable feature of Crossfire X keeps it alive in the competition of best hunting backpack.

Super Comfort

All rich features become meaningless if it does not give you comfort. Especially for hunting backpacks, comfort is a must need.

The Crossfire X included Lycra shoulder straps and waist belt with punched molded foam for super comfort. It allows you to distribute the pack weight proportionately across your body. Moreover, with these straps and waist belt, you find the weight is reduced in half magically.

In the hunting game, you may find yourself in a situation that you have to walk mile after mile in rough terrain. With a hunting pack, this is not quite easy while it keeps rubbing your shoulder and jolting on the back. There is a good chance to get a sore shoulder and back.

The Crossfire X resolves this problem with its useful lycra shoulder strap and waist belt.

Vented Back for Maximum Airflow

Crossfire X provides an internal frame for back support with proper ventilation facility incorporating the vented rear system. A Vent back panel designed with mesh net helps to flow maximum air on the back. As a result, it prevents excessive back sweating and keeps away the odor.

Removable Accessory Pocket

A removable accessory pocket is a unique and significant feature of the Crossfire X. It allows you to use those accessory pockets in a different position.

You can either attach it on the front shoulder straps or buckled to the rear of the pack. In other ways, you can use the removable pocket independently with its belt.

Drop Down Pocket for Hunting Weapon

The Crossfire X incorporates a drop-down pocket for carrying a hunting weapon, which is a remarkable addition to this backpack. It allows you to hang your bow or gun safely and comfortably in your pack.

#8 Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Pack

Have you ever imagined a hunting pack that you are putting things in that backpack, but it is never filled out?

Well, that is not possible for real. But TZ 4000 makes it nearly possible with its total 21 compartments and pockets.

Yet wonders, how Tenzing TZ 4000 finds its place in the best hunting backpack list?

You may not find some extra facilities that other backpacks provide. Still, as long as you are a veteran and professional in hunting game, I believe those additional facilities are no longer needed for you. As an expert hunter, you rather expect your pack is spacious and durable.

So, the thing sums up that if you are going to a multi-day hunting game or want to haul a large amount of meat, TZ 4000 will be a wise choice for you.

Expandable Compartments

With its 2500 cubic inch main compartment, TZ 4000 allows you to take your stuff as much as you can on the way to your hunting game. Its main compartment is large enough to accommodate all necessary things that are required for a long hunting trip.

If you need more space, you can use its side compartment by expanding it. The extended side compartment will provide an extra 300 cubic inch space.

Wait! That is not all. Hunting without a prize means nothing if you put aside the joy. As a trophy of your successful hunting, you may want to take the hunt with you. For this particular reason, TZ 4000 provides an additional 1400 cubic inch space. Now you can haul as much as meat you can.

Large Water Reservoir

Staying hydrated is important for a hunter. Nowadays, hunting backpack manufacturers are so focused on accommodating all the primary features that they left little space for a water bladder.

TZ 4000 provides a water reservoir of 3 liter, which is enough for a hunter for a long trip.

Fold-out Rain Cover

This pack offers built-in rain cover to keep your backpack and stuff in it dry from heavy downpour. Moreover, you find it useful when you walk through swamps. The rain cover will keep your pack dry in this situation, even if you drenched.

Also, you don’t have to think about this rain covers housing as long as it is folded in its pocket.

Fold-out Boot for Carrying Hunting Weapon

The fold-out boot is a noteworthy feature of the TZ 4000 hunting pack. It provides proper security for carrying hunting guns and bows. It allows quick and convenient access to your weapon while it is necessary.

Adjustable Torso Suspension

The very common complaint about hunting backpacks is, it doesn’t fit properly. People of different sizes are the main reason behind this.

The problem can be solved by adjustable torso suspension. It allows you to customize the backpack size according to your torso size for ensuring the perfect fit.

How To Find The Best Hunting Backpack

While you are hunting, you may have to stay outside for quite a long time. Surely, you want to bring all your required stuff. A good backpack can provide enough space for your stuff. Alongside space fact, it is very important to know how good the backpacks materials are, how good they fit you, and some other things. Let us put some light on those facts.

Good Fit & Adjustability

It is the very first thing you want to consider when you are going to buy a hunting backpack. Buying a hunting pack that doesn’t fit well brings nothing but misery. Good fit and adjustability of hunting backpack provide great comfort and benefits of carrying.

The best way to measure which size is appropriate for you is, measuring the length of your shoulders to the top of your hip. It is called torso, and backpack size are made upon this measurement. So, it will be better to buy a hunting backpack according to your torso size.

Find out how to measure the size of hunting backpack

Adjustability comes up with a bunch of straps, such as padded shoulder straps, sternum straps, and padded hip belts. Padded shoulder straps ease the load on the shoulder and ensure proper fit. Sternum straps bind the backpack with a sternum that helps to distribute the weight uniformly across your chest.  Padded hip belts help to transfer some loads on the hip.

Proper Materials

After assuring fit and sustainability, the material of the pack is the second most thing to deal with. As the cloth of the pack is the outermost layer, I’d like to examine this first.


First, make sure it is lightweight. After completing the hunting, you may want to haul some meat, which must have a very accountable amount of weight. A hunting backpack made with lightweight fabric will be useful in this situation.


While you are satisfied with its lightweight fabric, don’t give up on the durability. It assures how much roughness the pack can endure. Nylon with a polyurethane coating and PVC fabrics are finest for durability. Make sure your backpack is made by one of these.


Quietness is another preferable fact. This feature of hunting backpack fabric makes almost no sound while you are approaching the prey or reaching for your weapon. Like a smooth ninja, everybody loves to hunt down their prey by surprise.

Waterproof or Breathable

The last but important thing about hunting backpack material is the waterproof feature. If you want it water-resistant, you have to give up breathability. Breathability provides ventilation to cool off your back and keep you free from sweating. Be wise to choose which one you want.

Usually, if you are going to hunt somewhere that rains much or involving a lot of water, a waterproof pack is preferable. Otherwise, the breathable backpack would be a wise choice.

Make Good Choice About Frames

Hunting backpack without a frame gives you nothing but cumbersome shoulder pain. A frameless backpack will impose all the weight on your shoulder. A hunting backpack frame distributes the load of your carrying uniformly across the backpack. To make comfortable hunting, don’t forget about frames.

You will find two types of frame out there. Each type has unique benefits.

Internal Frame

It is inserted inside the pack to distribute the weight evenly. Some brands allow removing the inserted structure to use the bag for general purpose.

Though you can not customize the weight distribution, on the contrary, you don’t have to spend time on equipping your bag with an external frame.

Moreover, the internal frame provides more comfort and supports excellent ventilation on the back, allowing maximum airflow. It helps you to prevent excessive sweating.

As it is an internal frame, do not underestimate its load-carrying ability. Compared with the external frame, it can haul a lot of weight too.

External Frame

Many people prefer external frames over the internal frame. Here, I pointed out some reasons why many people like an external frame.

First of all, it allows carrying a serious weight which is suitable as both daypack and multi-daypack.

Second, the only frame can be used for other purposes. Once you empty your pack, just detach and use it.

Third, give you equal advantages to both rough and plain terrain.

Fourth, weight distribution is way much better than internal frames.

During hunting, all you want from a hunting backpack is make your carrying comfortable. A good backpack with an external frame can satisfy your need excellently.

Best Brand Provides Best Quality

Quality of the best hunting backpack defines how good it can be. So, while you are going to buy a hunting backpack, take a good look at it. Put it on and see whether it fits you and feel comfortable. Carefully examine its stitches, do the zipper and straps are good, how is the interior, is it safe carrying a weapon with this pack, etc.

Buying a hunting backpack costs a good amount of money, but it is worth spending on a brand. Always stick with a brand because it provides the best quality, proper customer service, and warranty.

When a backpack brand gives a warranty about their product, it means they are very confident that it will serve you exceedingly well. Choosing such a brand can assure you one thing, you will never regret putting your money on their confidence.

FAQs About Hunting Backpack

1. So, Is this all considered the best hunting backpack?

The answer is both yes and no!

Before writing this article, I carefully observed all the backpacks that I reviewed above. I can assure you that all these backpacks are examined properly with expert eyes and minds. So, the answer is yes. This is the best hunting backpack that I find in the market.

Every man has a different choice and demand. I tried my best to help you to find a perfect hunting pack for you. Yet you may find it is not enough for you. So, the answer is no. You will find the better one.

2. Online or local store, from where should I buy?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. You may get a discount on the price if you buy from online. Besides, you can see reviews, ratings, and feedback of people who used this.

Even if you don’t have to go to the store to buy, all you have to do is just a few clicks and after a while the product on your door front. On the contrary, in exchange for this comfort, it may cost you shipping money that is absent if you buy from a local store.

As long as the shipping cost is not that much, buying from online is more beneficial. No matter where you buy, make sure the money is spent on a good cause.

3. What is the best weather for hunting?

It depends on the place you are going. Generally, the range is nice warm to snowy weather. Before going there, collect information about this place. It will help you a lot.

4. Do I need an extra bag for meat hauling?

Many backpacks nowadays provide an integrated compartment for meat hauling, which can house a lot of meat. If you want to take more than that, yes, need an extra duffle bag for that.


We come to the end of the article. In this article, I have shared my knowledge and given my very effort to provide you proper information about hunting backpacks. I have explained every fact in detail for better comprehensibility.

I will be glad if my article helps you to find the best hunting backpack.

If you have further inquiries, contact me through the contact page. I will always be here to help you.

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