Best Canoe Trailers 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It is a very hard and difficult task to carry your canoe to the water and coming back from the water.

You can injure yourself, if you don’t do it carefully.

This is why you need a canoe trailer for easy transportation.

With the best canoe trailer you can take your canoe (or canoes) to the water easily and safely.

First Look

Best Overall:Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer for Kayaks, Canoes and Bikes at Amazon

“Best trailer and easy to assemble.”

Best Budget: Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Trolley at Amazon

“Best budget canoe carrier.”

Canoe Trailer Reviews

#1 Bonnlo Kayak cart Canoe Carrier Trolley

The Bonnlo Canoe Carrier Trolley is designed to transport your canoe (or canoes) very easily. The frames of this trolley is made of solid aluminum and foam bumpers on each arm to protect your canoe. 

Foam bumpers secures your accessories and protects foam scratches and dent.

It is a very lightweight and strong canoe trailer. You can transport maximum two canoes at the same time without damaging your trailer. So, If you have two canoes or just one you can definitely choose these one.

It is a very popular trailer among the paddlers, because of It’s great performance and price. It also has brake lights and Its tires are DOT-approved road ready. Tires are airless and will roll smoothly across gravel and sand. The Spring suspension makes it very safe to transport your canoes. This canoe cart is very easy to assemble and you can fold it and carry it anywhere you want effortlessly.

#2 YAKIMA Rack and Roll Trailer

The YAKIMA Rack and Roll Trailer is the best canoe trailer out there. YAKIMA is a leading manufacturer and always provides high-quality products.

It is the best from all aspects. It is a very strong and lightweight canoe trailer. 

You can attach it with your car or your bike to transport it. It can handle up to 300lbs and that means you can transport 3 or 4 canoes easily.

Not only you can carry canoes with it but also anything you want to carry. Its shock absorbing technology will make your ride very smooth. You can also  use it as a hand trailer and use your strength to maneuver. To prevent theft you will find locking levers with keys. It will prevent thieves from stealing your canoe.

It will give you the highest performance and also very stylish. You will find  absolutely no complaints about this trailer. All of the users are very satisfied after using this trailer.

#3 RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart

This canoe trolley cart from the BAILBLAZA is also a very good trailer. The wheels of this trailer are made of High grip rubber tread.

This is why you don’t need to worry about tire punchers. This canoe cart is made in New Zealand.

It has an adjustable Kickstand. This trailer is made for all terrains, that means, you can go anywhere for paddling without worrying.

You need to strap your canoe to the trailer before you go to your next paddling destination. Straps are very strong and you can tie up your canoe very strongly.

This trailer is made of very strong materials for long lasting. They used stainless steel to make frames of this cart. Because of high-quality material you will be able to fit multiple canoes on the trailer.

You can assemble this canoe cart in less than 20 seconds without any tools. Quick assembling features make it very easy for transportation.

#4 Malone EcoLight 2-Boat J-Rack Kayak Trailer Package

This Malone EcoLight Trailer from Malone is a great product. If you don’t want to use this trailer for other uses other than transporting canoe or kayak boats, this trailer package will be a very good choice.

This trailer is only made for transport canoe or other boats. It is a very high-quality built and lightweight trailer. The frames of this trailer are made of Marine-grade galvanized steel.

You need to be careful while you drive  at the rough roads as It is a lightweight cart and It can bounce and will create much noise. Its leaf spring suspension will provide you a smooth ride.

It can handle multiple canoe’s weight. So, If you have multiple canoes, you should be fine with this trailer.

#5 Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer

Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer is another great trailer from the Malone Manufacturer.

 It is a very rugged, nice looking canoe trailer. with just a few touches, you can use it the way you want to use.

Both trailers from Malone are pretty much the same. Both are made of aluminium frames and also lightweight. It is very hard to choose, which you should buy. You can make your decision based on the length of your canoe size. With their instructions you can easily assemble this trailer.

If you are looking for the best canoe trailer out there and you are willing to pay for the best, This trailer can be the one for you. The company is very well-known and they are determined to provide the best products.

#6 ABN Universal Canoe Carrier

From the well known manufacturer based out of South Dakota, The ABN Universal Canoe trailer is also a great carrier for the money.

This can be the best choice for single canoe transportation. It is a portable carrier, so, It will not take much storage to keep it. 

And in couple of minutes, you will be able to assemble it and transport your canoe. Its tires are strong enough to use over a variety of terrain.

You can tie your canoe strongly with its -foot straps. They used high-strength anodized steel to make its frames. For this, It can handle your canoe trailer very well. Its oversize foams will protect from getting any scratches on your canoe. It can handle up-to 200 pounds. However, It is not perfect for big canoes. You will find it difficult to transport if you have a big canoe.

#7 Seattle Sports Paddleboy ATC All-Terrain Center Canoe Dolly Carrier

Paddleboy ATC dolly Carrier is a versatile canoe trailer. You can transport nearly every type of boat you have. This is the main reason paddlers love this carrier.

This carrier is made of comparatively high-materials and also lightweight. You can carry two canoes with this cart but it will be wise to carry just one at the same time.

There are a lot of positive reviews out there. Though you will find some negative reviews about this carrier. You need to keep in mind that every customer’s needs are different. So, It is a very hard task to keep everyone happy. If you are looking for a good deal which will fit within your budget, then you can definitely consider this one.

Features to consider when choosing a canoe trailer

Features of a canoe trailer are very important to consider. Different types of trailer have different types of features. Though you don’t need all the features, some features are very important for safe transportation. You need to understand every feature your canoe trailer has to offer. If you do not, you can not use the trailer properly.

Here, I’ve discussed briefly nearly every features canoe trailers have. Read them carefully so that you can choose the best one for you.

Canoe Length

You need to know how long your biggest canoe is and then you need to make sure that your canoe will fit on the trailer you are choosing. Because nearly every canoe trailer set the list of maximum size canoe can be fit on the trailer. Make sure your canoe fits perfectly or you will face trouble to fit on your canoe trailer.

Maximum Weight

It is also very important to know the maximum weight your canoe trailer can handle. If you are a hardcore paddler and have a huge canoe, make sure your canoe trailer has the capacity to handle the weight and size. Some canoe trailers have extra capacity to carry your bike and can handle a lot of weight without damaging.


If your paddling destination is far away from your home then you need to transport it by adding it with your car or bike. If the tires of your trailer are not road ready they will damage quickly. For this reason, you need to make sure your canoe trailers tires are road ready. Some tires work better on the road but not on the sand.


You are buying a canoe trailer for secure transportation. To do that, you need to make sure straps are tight and your canoe isn’t moving. Loose straps can create great problems at the time of transporting. There is a chance that your canoe will fall from the trailer and surely, It will damage your expensive canoe. Of course you don’t want that to happen.


If you have just one canoe and plan to buy another canoe in the past then It will be a wise decision to buy a trailer that will have the capacity to carry multiple canoes. Most of the time people go for canoeing in a group. In that time a large capacity canoe trailer will be very useful. You can carry your canoe and at the same time your friend’s canoe.

Brake Light

Brake light in a canoe trailer is mandatory in some states. If your state doesn’t have the law for mandatory brake lights, we advise to buy a trailer with this feature. Because Your behind car driver will know when you brake. It will save you from accidents or most probably, the car behind you will hit you.


If you are buying a hand canoe trailer, you will use it by your hand. So, you need to make sure it is very easy to use and Kickstand is convenient for you. This feature is like your bike’s kickstand. Using this you can take your hands off and keep in on the ground without breaking your canoe. This feature is very useful sometimes. You can do other tasks in the middle of transporting but your canoe will not fall on the ground.

Frame construction

You need to know which type of materials they have used to make your trailer’s frames. It is very important because low quality frames can not handle heavy weight and will break. If this happens, It will damage your canoe and also you can get hurt. Most of the time cheap canoe trailers are made of low quality material. Aluminum frames are preferable in this matter and It is also lightweight.

Canoe Trailer Buying Guide

After checking the features there are some things you need to know before you make your decision or there is a chance that you will waste your hard-earned money. Here are the facts you need to check-

The Manufacturer

There are a lot of popular trailer manufacturers, who make good quality trailers. But you will see some niche looking trailers that you can not resist not to buy that trailer. For that matter, you should know that, “Not all that glitters are gold”. They trick you by making nice looking trailers, believe me, they are not worth the money.

There are some new manufacturers who make high-quality trailers. You can make sure, if they are legit or not, by going to their website and calling their stores.


No matter how popular a manufacturer is, if their reputation is not that good don’t buy their product. You can check their reputation by searching online and by reading reviews of their customers. You can also ask their customers personally. This way you can find out a lot of information about a manufacturer.

However, you need to keep in mind that not every trailer is made for everyone and it is very hard to satisfy every customer. That means, If you see some bad reviews, examine them carefully. Why are they not happy?


In my opinion, This is the most important thing to consider before you purchase anything. Because, You need to make a purchase decision based on your budget. There are high-priced trailers and also cheap canoe trailers. If you are not a professional paddler and don’t have multiple canoe and also don’t have any plan to buy additional canoe, then you don’t need to buy an expensive canoe trailer. Don’t go for cheap trailers from unknown manufacturers, you will be disappointed.

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