How To Choose A Snorkel

Snorkels have come a long way since the days of the rubber black tube with a mouth piece. It is let you breathe while floating on the surface of water so that you can save some air of your scuba tank. Today’s snorkel offers a lot of exciting features like easy clearing purge valves, semi-dry … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Learning How To Snorkel Underwater

For the purpose of making fun, snorkeling is a very good idea. It makes you relaxed and refreshed as well. But getting a fine snorkel gear doesn’t mean everything is done. You will face a lot of silly problems which may turn your happy snorkeling day into a disgusting day. To secure a delightful snorkeling, you … Read more

Best Snorkeling In Honolulu

Who doesn’t love to visit Hawaii? I aim to visit Honolulu once a year at least, and even if you don’t visit that often, you sure should have it in your itinerary soon. You might want to plan a family vacation or just head off to there yourself when you get the chance – everybody … Read more